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UCC CLOSED, Thursday 2/26/15

UCC will be CLOSED today, Thursday 2/26/15, due to inclement weather.

As of 4:30am there has yet to be an official decision posted by UGA on whether the University will be open or closed (or delayed opening) Thursday, 2/26/15. Due to the early hour in which UCC opens we are deferring to the Clarke County School District’s decision to close for Thursday.

IF UGA is open today we will make up this day by cancelling our May Professional Learning Day.

Have a fun and safe day!

UCC will close at 1:30 on 2/25/15

UCC will be closing at 1:30pm tomorrow, 2/25/15, due to the inclement weather headed our way. Please be sure to have your child(ren) picked up no later than 1:30pm. Because of the early dismissal we will NOT have nap time.

Please note that UCC follows the UGA inclement weather policy for the main Athens campus.

We will send out an email and update our website with any new information and Thursday’s operating hours as well. As always, be safe!


UCC open tomorrow, 2/18/15

UCC will operate on a normal schedule (7:00am-6:00pm) on Wednesday, 2/18/15.

UCC will open at 12:00 NOON on 2/17/15

The University of Georgia is delayed until 12:00 NOON on 2/17/15 due to inclement weather. UCC follows the same inclement weather schedule as UGA and will delay opening until 12:00 NOON as well.

PLEASE NOTE: lunch will NOT be served due to the timeframe of arrival to UCC. However, snack will be served at 2:30. Please be sure to feed your child lunch before bringing them to UCC.

Please be safe!


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